Open Positions at Incilab

1) Graduate Student Positions: We are currently looking for highly motivated, self-driven, creative, and passionate students (M.Sc. or preferably Ph.D. students) to apply and join our research team. Due to our broad perspective at the interdisciplinary space, we look for applicants from diverse backgrounds in engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, biology, bioengineering, chemistry, medicine, and physics. Candidates are expected to be technically competent in a discipline relevant to our research themes:

  • Precision Health Approaches: We harmonize microfluidics and biosensing strategies to develop disease diagnostic tools and screening tests at point-of-care settings and bed-side, where individuals can easily self-monitor their health status for “precision health” applications.
  • Bio-Imprinted Attachable Sensors: Through integrating molecular fingerprinting (bio-imprinting) strategies with bio-compatible materials, we develop wearable patches, coupled with a biosensing unit in order to analyze biotargets in situ. This platform holds unique potential to improve the quality of life and also provides continuous medical data for actively tracking diagnosis and treatment.
  • Interfacing Engineering Toolbox with Biology: We develop on-chip cell-mimicking systems, where many physical factors (i.e., flow and shear stress) and bio-chemical structures and agents are integrated and controlled. This strategy unified with microfluidics opens unprecedented avenues that help studying the effects of dynamic forces on molecular alterations, and it also enables to focus on the combination of biological spatial and architectural information on cell structure/milieu with the knowledge of transformation-specific alterations.

For more details, please check our research page. Before applying to this position, please check Bilkent University-UNAM, Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, M.Sc. and Ph.D.  program requirements.

2) Postdoctoral Positions: We are seeking highly motivated applicants with strong experimental background, outstanding track record of publications, great interpersonal and teamwork competencies, and proven expertise in nano-scale fabrication, microfluidics, optics, plasmonics, and biosensing. Experience in point-of-care diagnostics, disease detection systems, mobile health (mHealth), tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip, genetics, bioinformatics or image processing is a plus. The successful candidate will be closely working in every stage of the micro- and nano-scale device development, including the design, fabrication, prototyping, benchmarking, and validation. In addition, exceptional individuals who do not match the aforementioned qualifications exactly should clearly state his/her motivation for the position in the cover letter.

The position is available for one year with the possibility of renewal contingent on performance. Postdoc applicants currently holding a fellowship or planning to apply for a fellowship are highly desirable.

In the application package, please include a two-page cover letter (detailing scientific interest, past/future work, potential resonances with our research, and qualifications for the position) and the curriculum vitae (including the publication list and the contact information of three references). Applicants should send this package as a single pdf file to Dr. Fatih Inci (finci@bilkent.edu.tr) with a title line containing the exact phrase “Application for the Postdoctoral Position”. Considered applicants will be interviewed.

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